Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Guayaquil is the largest, richest city in Ecuador sitting in front of the river Guayas.
Ecuador uses the US dollar since 1999 as its currency after the Sucre went down. It's quite interesting tomuse the dollar specially considering the prices are much lower here than anywhere in the US.
The funny thing is that the ecuadorian central bank also minted ecuadorian coins which are worth the same as the dollar coins. Not knowing that I thought that the ecuadorian coins were from the old currency and thus worth nothing. That's why I was rejecting ecuadorian coins on my second day here in Guayaquil. There are at least 2 ecuadorians now hating me and with good reason. One was the bus driver who got quite annoyed at me. Bus fare is 0.25 by the way, Porto Alegre mayor I'm looking at you.
Our stay here hasn't only involved me being an asshole though. We visited Cerro Santana that has 444 levels of stairs to arrive to the lighthouse at the top. It's quite the workout under the terrifying ecuadorian sun. We also hit the artisan market, the malecon, the 9th of october avenue and the parque centenario. We must have looked quite the tourists on that park with our dunkin donuts bag.
One dude even shouted to us while he was doing some sort of shady transaction which involved him taking a hit at a marijuana joint and leaving the place with a black plastic bag full of something I have no intention of knowing what it is.
Oh, yesterday we visited the Citymall where we picked the cheapest meal for 3 dollars per person only to visit Sweets and Coffee (a starbucks competitor) and spend 8.50 on sweets and coffee haha. Awesome financial skills.

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