Saturday, January 13, 2007

Buying a ticket / Comprando uma passagem?


It's impressive how boring and hard it is to get a ticket for a bus to get out of here. You've got to buy it 5 days in advance. But I got it yesterday, after a long struggle. Next stop is El Calafate.
It costs ARS 117 to Rio Gallegos, right after the bay and then plus ARS 33 until El Calafate. It totals ARS 150. The bus leaves here at 6:30 AM on the 16th and the arrival is estimated at 7PM in Rio Gallegos. Then I take another bus leaving 8:30PM from Rio Gallegos and arriving midnight in El Calafate. 16th will be a funny day!


E impressionante como e chato e demorado comprar uma passagem de onibus para sair daqui. Tens que comprar com no minimo 5 dias de antecedencia. Ontem fui la e apos meia hora de muita luta, consegui a passagem para El Calafate. Basicamente AR$ 117,00 ate Rio Gallegos + AR$ 33,00 ate El Calafate, TOTAL AR$ 150,00. O onibus vai sair daqui as 6:30 do dia 16, chegada estimada de 19 horas em Rio Gallegos. Depois mais um onibus saindo as 20:30 de Rio Gallegos chegando a meia noite em El Calafate. O dia 16 sera bem divertido :p

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